About Playing Our Song

So why do another fansite when I already have a long running one for Matthew Good?

Well, it started with being a casual fan of Billy The Kid's since the release of the Billy & The Lost Boys EP "Off The Map", and then really appreciating what she did for her fans through the mailing list around the time leading up to the release of "Ours". For "Stars, Exploding" the PledgeMusic campaign was what really let me (and most likely many long-time or new fans) see just how much she cares about her fans and interactin with them.

I emailed Billy about something for a pledge and she responded quickly and we emailed back and forth about random things, and just how easy to talk to she was made me want to create a fansite about her to spread the word on such a great artist that I feel everyone should be listening to and enjoying her tunes!

Plus when she does her 31 Covers In 31 Days (so far twice now) you want to be around to following it and enjoy the hell out of it!

So why a fansite for Billy The Kid? Why Not? She's amazing, and I want you to know that.